A bit about us ......

 a bit about us ......


1986- 2010 


The story so far :  My husband and I came to live at Stmungo in Victoria 20 years ago, but St Mungo did not look like it is today.  It was built over 100 years ago with the original people being Scottish - Hence the name of the property "St Mungo"

We arrived in the mid 80's with 2 Rotties, and inherited a chestnut horse that lived on the property.  We were soon to add a few more horses, quite a few potty calves, some ducks, a few geese that decided life was better in the neighbours dam not ours (thank goodness), a cat who incidently  lived for 20 years.  His name was TC ( Top Cat ) and that he was.  My husband and I decided to give the old place a face lift, he had the knowledge and ability to transform it, and I supplied the ideas.  It didn't happen overnight, but what we have is something we both can be proud of.  Hidden inside is the original home as it stood a 100 years ago, with a few additions of course, but was kept to period time as much as possible.

It was only when the Rotties passed on that we decided to get a Jack Russell from a friend of ours - horses and jacks just went hand in hand, and that basically was the beginning of our introduction to Jack Russells.  Not being involved in showing jacks at the time thought we had the ants pants purebreds of course !!!   We often laugh about it now, but they were fabulous little Jackie/foxie crosses, and to this day we still have Max and Jeffery who resides with my mother at Rye.  There were no family functions without at least 7 or 8 Jackies running about together.  Many stories can be told of their antics, which to this day we still talk and laugh about.

It was on the passing of my little Jack boy Dino in 2003 that I became involved in the world of showing dogs. 

I purchased a little girl "Possum" who incidently did not take to the showing too good, would rather chase foxes and hunt at home, however in saying that, our little Possum has now produced some nice little puppies for us. Check out our puppy photos.  So in brief, that's how my mother Loris and I became involved in the world of Jacks.

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